In the words of William Bolitho, “A Gambler is nothing but a person who makes his living out of hope”.

But are all gamblers the same?

Do all Gamblers gamble to make a living out of it?

Playing or engaging in any fun activity is great for our overall health and well-being.

Isn’t It? I mean, Science proves it now.

Anyways, my point is gambling and gamblers are fine when it comes to healthy gambling and healthy gamblers respectively.

We already know about healthy gambling (if not, read it by clicking here) (INSERT LINK HERE_HEALTHY GAMBLING), so let’s move to who are gamblers and the different types of gamblers in the gambling industry.


In simpler terms, A Gambler is a person who gambles, in hopes to gain more than the risked value.

Gamblers are bettors, whether it be healthy gambling, unhealthy gambling, or problem gambling, it is different but anyone who risks his/her possessions in hopes to gain much more by winning.

Staker, Bettor, Piker, or High Roller, all of these are different names we use for a person who gambles, that is, a Gambler.

There are different types of gamblers in the gambling community.

Not all Gamblers are Problem Gamblers, Pathological/Compulsive/Impulsive Gamblers, or Binge Gamblers.

Rather there are healthy gamblers too, in the gambling community.

Let’s get you to know about the different types of gamblers in the gambling community.


There are various types of gamblers in the gambling community that indulge in different purposes.

But chiefly, there are nine types of gamblers that we can try to categorize gamblers into.

Let’s read about the 9 types of gamblers in the gambling community:

1. Serious Social Gambler

Serious social gambler considers gambling as a fun and recreational activity, but the activity that is more so a hobby, an important hobby for them.

A serious social gambler enjoys indulging in gambling games similar to kids that love playing, or people who love to read, sing, or dance.

The good thing about these types of gamblers is that they are aware of the consequences and risks of gambling and they are very mindful of those dangers while playing.

Serious social gambler gambles routinely don’t let themselves get out of hand. They never lose themselves to betting games.

2. Casual Social Gambler

While a Serious Social Gambler is serious about gambling as a hobby, a Casual Social Gambler is very much casual about gambling.

A casual social gambler views gambling as a fun, engaging activity but he/she does not consider it a serious hobby.

Rather a casual social gambler plays occasionally for pure fun or to socialize with their other gambler friends and enjoy their time differently than usual.

A causal social gambler does not usually fall into the trap of gambling addiction/problem gambling as their patterns of gambling are infrequent and even if they do fall into the addiction pit, it would be due to some trauma or maybe a result of a huge win that’s unexpected and they would want to have that hit once again, just like other genre addicts.

3. Binge Gambler/Frequent Gambler

Binge Gamblers/Frequent Gamblers are a bit different from serious social gamblers and casual social gamblers.

Binge Gamblers are the type of gamblers that are inconsistent in their gambling patterns but they fall into either extreme of no gambling to binge gambling.

It simply means that Binge gamblers are gamblers who have phases of no gambling at all for a while and then extreme gambling that causes harm to their financial health, emotional health as well as social health.

These types of gamblers are disordered/unhealthy. 

They have a trigger point in life when they fall into extreme gambling habits which could be due to stress, trauma, sudden difficult events, or low self-esteem or insecurity.

4. Professional Gambler

Professional Gamblers are the rare types of gamblers out of all. They are more so responsible gamblers.

Professional Gamblers are the type of gamblers that believe more in skills and experience than luck and chance.

Professional Gamblers are the ones that believe they can earn a living through gambling as they play analytically and they trust their skill sets to earn them money.

These types of gamblers are the calmest and most collected in the gambling game group if you’d observe. They would rely more on their calculations about the games and the moves and the outcomes.

Also, Professional gamblers have control over themselves and are aware enough at all times to not let themselves fall into gambling addiction tendencies. 

5. AntiSocial Personality Gambler

These types of Gamblers are one exception and quite easy to see.

Antisocial Personality Gamblers are the type of gambler that gamble with manipulation and deceit.

Meaning, an antisocial personality gambler would lie and cheat in the game to win an outcome. 

They would even go to the extremes of fixing bets and fixing matches to make the outcome in their favour.

These type of gamblers are one of the most charming types alongside the professional gamblers, professional gamblers being calm and so eye-catching, but the antisocial personality gamblers would be charming when every outcome results in their favour, else you’d observe changes in their behaviour that would be more so aggressive and violent.

6. Relief and Escape Gambler

These types of gamblers are a result of unstable emotional/mental health.

Relief and Escape gamblers, as the name suggests, are the type of gamblers who gamble to escape their reality.

A lot of people distract themselves through addictive tendencies or maybe things in general. And relief and escape gamblers are gamblers that gamble as a form of escapism.

Also, gambling makes them come out of their loneliness and melancholy.

And so, for Relief and Escape gamblers gamble to change the way they feel as a consequence of low self-esteem issues.

7. Action Problem Gambler

Action Problem Gamblers are the type of gamblers that are into gambling using manipulation tactics, and controlling behaviours.

Action Problem Gamblers are the gamblers who look sociable and friendly, but that’s just a front they have.

Just like Antisocial Personality Gamblers, Action Problem gamblers are also into deceit and egotistical and that reflects in their game.

They are the type of gamblers that are into gambling from quite early age.

They also have gambling addictive tendencies.

8. Problem Gambler

Problem gamblers are the most addictive type of gambler after pathological gamblers are the gamblers who gamble daily.

Problem Gamblers gamble out of habit, just like brushing our teeth is a habit that we feel is necessary.

Problem Gamblers are the ones who involve themselves in gambling daily even if there are more negative consequences than positive ones.

9. Pathological Gambler/Compulsive Gambler

Pathological gamblers, also known as compulsive gamblers are the type of gamblers who gamble out of habit. This might sound like problem gamblers but problem gamblers are slightly different from pathological gamblers.

The difference between a problem gambler and a pathological gambler is that problem gamblers are not necessarily gambling addicts, whereas compulsive gamblers are gambling addicts.

Compulsive gamblers have no control whatsoever over their gambling tendencies.

It’s quite similar to other forms of addiction behaviourisms that you’d see, which is destructive. They don’t understand the destruction they cause to themselves, their family as well as their community.

These types of gamblers go to extremes to gamble and start lying, cheating, stealing and start having a second life private from their regular people, to indulge in gambling.

There are a lot of gambling addiction services and plans that are offered to people suffering from pathological gambling.


Now that you all know the different types of gamblers, I believe it would be easier for you to understand your other gambling friends and recognize the good ones out of the rotten ones.

I hope that you guys would be more aware and mindful of who you associate yourself with.

I mean, you know what they say, A ROTTEN APPLE SPOILS THE WHOLE BARREL!

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