Casino Cage, Casino Credit, and Types of Casino Credit

Have you ever wondered about how players manage a certain amount of money to bet when they run out of it in the middle of the game?

How do they manage to bet on the following rounds?

Well, Casinos are built with this aspect into consideration and that’s where the concept of a Casino cage came into existence.

Also, what is one of the effective marketing strategies of casinos?

Well, Casino Credits, isn’t it?

We’ll be covering the two topics relating to Casino Cage and Casino Credit as well as the types of casino credits given out by the casinos.

Casino Cage

What is a Casino Cage?

Well, a casino cage is the financial corner of the casino where all financial transactions relating to chips, cash, tokens, and cheques are maintained to fund the smooth functioning of the casinos and their games.

A casino cage is a necessary constituent of casino operations and casino management.

When a player runs out of casino chips or tokens in the middle of a game, that’s when a casino cage comes in handy. The casino cage takes care of the need for additional chips for the clear functioning of the casino game.

The casino cage also provides funding and loans to its customers.

What does a Casino Cage look like?

A casino cage consists of small customer windows that are normally established on an advance basis or imprest basis where the funds are given at a predetermined value that remains constant, and these casino cages are operated by cage cashiers.

The different windows are different in size and amount according to the needs of the casinos’ operations, ranging from 20,000 dollars to 1,00,000 dollars in form of casino chips, casino tokens, and cash.

These windows are made considering the number of customers in the casino during peak/rush hours and the size of the casino cage.

The casino cage consists of a Bank filled with cash operating on an advance imprest basis and a substantial amount of casino chips and casino tokens kept particularly for transactions with casino employees.

How does a Casino Cage operate?

The casino cage consists of a bank that mainly deals with chips and tokens exchanges with the casino table games, on credit form or refills.

The bank transfers chips to the cashier windows of the casino cage to deal with depleted inventories of casino chips and tokens and also takes in the leftover chips from the casino customers for chip redemption through window cashiers.

And these transactions are recorded by the bank cashiers to keep a track of the inventories.

The bank refills its inventory through exchanges with the main bank. 

Another one of the responsibilities of the casino cages is accounting for the inventories of slot cashier banks or coin rooms.

The casino cage in many casinos is the source of casino coins, chips, and tokens for replenishing slot machines, the transactions of which are recorded by cage personnel who are kept for verifying the accuracy of the inventory transactions.

The casino cage operates in the casinos on a 24-7 basis.

Now Let’s understand Casino Credits and then we’ll read about the types of casino credits.

Casino Credit

What is a Casino Credit?

Casino Credit is a form of marketing strategy that allows players to have easy and fast access to funds for playing slots, or any casino games.

Casinos like The Mirage, Caesar’s Palace, or Bellagio rely on their customers playing on credit.

While some institutions that offer consumer credit charge interest for funding the customers, casinos do not charge any interest for the same.

It is wise to not consider a casino credit to be interest-free.

Casino credit is only given to those casino players who will utilize the credit line funds to their full extent. And if the players or customers fail to utilize the casino credits to a good amount, the casinos take the access away from them.

Casino Credit requires it to be used constantly for gambling, it does not matter if the player loses or wins, the only thing that matters to the casinos giving away casino credits is that they are being used for gambling purposes, in effect.

That is how the casinos maintain their Interest Rate and so I made the statement of being wise enough to see through the interest-free facade of the casino credits.

The casinos grant the players the casino credits as a full-proof marketing strategy to keep the players coming to the game over and over again.

But the casino credits are not popular with normal customers, rather the players who are elite class and rich desire personalized rooms, fine dining, gourmet restaurants, stay-in rooms, etc. 

And so, this strategy works well in a community that is above the normal class of people.

Now, Let’s move to the types of casino credits.

Types of Casino Credit

There are nine types of Casino Credits, namely

1. Cash Cheque Privileges

What are cash cheque privileges?

Cash Cheque Privileges are a form of casino credit that grants the customers to cash their personal as well as business checks at the casino cage in exchange for casino chips, or casino tokens.

And the cheque is deposited the next day in the bank.

But the only issue with the cheque for the casinos is that of the insufficient funds in the customer’s bank account or the cheque bouncing issues, forged cheques, or counterfeit cheques. 

So, it is a risky form of credit given out by casinos.

2. Welcome Credit

What is a Welcome Credit?

Welcome credit is the first form of credit given out to people who come to casinos to gamble for the first time.

The players, if they so chose to sign up are given a few welcome bonuses and benefits.

The best part about these welcome bonuses is that you can test out the games in the casinos at a cheaper rate than normal and at times for free.

3. Deposit Credit

What is Deposit Credit?

A Deposit Credit is also a form of crediting a customer, on account of them depositing a certain amount of money for gambling, where the casinos double or triple the amount deposited to encourage the players to keep on gambling.

This is a form of marketing strategy by the casinos, but online casinos are the most successful in grabbing the attention of loyal customers with deposit bonuses.

4. Non-Deposit Credit

What is a Non-Deposit credit?

A non-deposit credit is a form of credit that allows customers to play casino games on a free trial, without needing the money.

The player is just asked to sign up for the game and play for free, popularly prevalent in online casinos or online gambling websites.

The non-deposit credit allows people to navigate various forms of casino games to realize what games they like and get comfortable with the rules and playing strategies before they start gambling in real time with real money.

5. Free Spin Credit

What is Spin Credit?

Spin credits are a form of credit given out by casinos to existing players on account of the introduction of newly launched games or the newly launched versions of the games.

The Free Spin Bonus is a form of marketing to keep people in the loop of gambling and make the game interesting at the same time.

6. Loyalty Credit

What is Loyalty Credit?

Loyalty credit is a form of credit kept only for people who are old customers of the particular casino and who keep visiting the casino.

There are three forms of loyalty credits the casino offers 

  1. Rewards points are a form of loyalty bonuses offered to customers who play a game over and over again.
  2. Bonuses are provided to customers who unlock a new level in a particular casino game.
  3. Bonuses are provided to the players when they win a challenge or a difficult level.

7. Referral Credit

What is Referral Credit?

As the name suggests, reference-based bonuses/credits are the credits provided by the casinos to the customers that refer other people to visit the casino or play any of the casino games of that particular casino.

Though referral bonuses should be the norm for casinos to market themselves, not all casinos offer them.

8. Reward Multipliers

What are reward multipliers?

Reward multipliers are a form of casino credits that are given for a short period for players to play and double or triple their winnings.

Reward multipliers are a great form of casino credit to grab the eyes of customers.

9. High-Roller Rewards

What are High-Roller Rewards?

High-roller rewards are a form of casino credit offered to players who are willing to deposit a giant amount of money into the game.

When a player deposits a big amount of money into the game, the casinos give them access to the various rewards and perks of the casinos’ free tournaments or games, etc.


The takeaway for you guys out of this blog should be that, just because the casino credit system does not put interest or interest rates on their credits like other institutions.

So, don’t be fooled by the bonuses and credits provided by the casinos as there are other loopholes to their credit system.

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